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About us

Based on over 10-year experience on FOREX-market our traders designed several profitable systems of trading. We have made several original “advisors” which have been tested on different trading instruments. We achieved very good results: steadiness of work and profit from 5% to 40% monthly. Based on these results we work with investors from all over the world who take interest in FOREX-market. We don’t strive for super-profits.

Our aim is to preserve and increase our own and partners’ investments. Relationships built on agreements with investors allow us plan our actions for a few months ahead; to expand trading personnel, to carry out their training and testing. We are interested in co-working with successful traders.
Our experience with traders shows that it is better to train a novice to understand our trading system, then to retrain an experienced trader. On the other hand we preserve our financial strategy – our Trading System, that’s why everyone who wants to learn how to use our Trading System and to work with us in the future goes through very serious learning, training and testing process and signs the non-disclosure agreement.
Banks, Dealing Centers, PAMM-investment - competition on FOREX-market is fierce. Our main advantage is our teaching how to make money (here and now) at this market and creating working places. We teach not only classics of trading but also all things for a trader to know for successful work. We will give You to manage rather large sums of funds for working on FOREX, which can’t be afforded by an ordinary person. From this combination it is enough to understand that YOU NEED to work with US.