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Asset Management

For those who for some reason do not want to use our Signals or Trading System we propose to use the services of our professionals.
You can invest in our PAMM-accounts. It’s a safety guarantee of Your investments.
What is PAMM-account.

From juridical point of view PAMM-account is one of the forms of trust asset management of combined funds from several principals. The trustee (manager of the account, the managing trader) is usually a trader who publishes the statistics of his transactions and who is trusted with management of funds by other traders or investors. The trader's own money remains at risk, which theoretically reduces the chance of irresponsible management of the combined funds.  The principal takes the market risk within the limits of his funds, but in some systems part of the risk can be put on the trader. All operations are duplicating on the investors’ accounts.
Using PAMM-account by itself does not guarantee profit. The main usage of this system is the technical simplification of interaction between manager (trustee) and principals, which includes automatic monitoring of PAMM-accounts, deposit and withdrawal of funds, demarcation of the funds of the trader and principals.
The money from PAMM-account cannot be transferred to the account of a manager (trustee) and the manager doesn’t have the right to withdraw funds.