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The training consists of several stages.
First stage – Primary Testing.

Second Stage – We teach You basic knowledge. No particulars, only standard lessons for novices. If You are not a novice You can take a Test and move forward.
Test. For Your future practical activity we need to know that You are ready! That’s why You are taking an online test and immediately getting the result. It’s a free test.
Third Stage – To open 2 accounts: demo-account and real account. You start working on our trade signals. The work is going in parallel on the test account and on the real account. All the profit from this account is Your money. Can You use these trading signals to work with different (Your own) accounts? You can! Traders can order Subscription for a fee and receive Trading Signals.
Fourth stage – Trader buys our Trading System and signs a non-disclosure agreement.
All the traders who buy the Trading System have the opportunity to get Signals and advices from our analytical center as to the usage of this Trading System during the year. After this term ends You can continue to use this Trading System. But the situation on the market is not steady. The Trading System is constantly improving and if the changes are considerable (loss of profit at 2 – 3% per month) You will be informed about the occurring changes and You will have the opportunity to renew the Trading System at a reduced price.